AN OPEN INVITATION TO HUFF PARANORMAL - It has been stated that those that are skeptical of Huff Paranormal to only come along on one of their investigations and anyone would be proven wrong that challenges them. I am openly and publicly offering Huff Paranormal to allow myself to accompany and observe the research and investigation tactics by Huff Paranormal with the following guidelines;

1) You must conduct your investigation within a 50 mile radius of my residence in Central PA, as I have no desire to waste too much of my time and money shadowing you and observing your, thus far, unproven methods.

2) You must conduct your investigation at a location that has full written permission and the building cannot contain unsafe hazards or mold (as you have done in the past).

3) Reasonable time must be given prior to the investigation to ensure that proper planning and time off requested is given to my clients and employer (I am a working professional). Time frame being no less than 60 days notice.

4) No persons other than Huff Paranormal and approved persons may be present during the investigation. This is to be agreed upon by both parties involved.

5) WP will fully disclose the events of the investigation publicly and for the the paranormal research community to review and comment on



Huff Paranormal is being asked to prove the following unproven paranormal claims, evidence and statements they have made or published:

NOTE: All quotes and examples are taken directly from the respective website(s) of the groups in question. They are for reference purposes only and we do not claim ownership of any information posted on this page.


Huff Paranormal currently has over 18,000+ followers and growing. We feel that Huff Paranormal influences a tremendous amount of people, and it is the responsibility for those in Huff Paranormal to provide accurate and truthful data and evidence to support their claims and methodologies. By perpetuating false and misleading information, their impact on the general public and other potentially new paranormal researchers are far greater than many of the standard teams posted here. Huff Paranormal has a moral and ethical obligation to provide substantial supporting evidence that proves their claims correct and true.


CLAIM: "I have the ability to hear spirits, feel spirits and on a few occasions I have even seen the spirits. I get validation of this by recording their messages via E.V.P as well as through our Angel Station spirit box"

It is requested that Huff Paranormal provide sufficient supporting evidence of their claim that they can hear, speak, and even record spirits. This would also require that Huff Paranormal prove in some fashion the notion that spirits actually exist, since no evidence to date has been conclusive enough to ever support that there is a great possibility of the existence of spirits.


CLAIM: "We use methods others dismiss because not everyone can get results with these devices. Some can, and we do."

Huff Paranormal is being requested to provide detailed and accurate data to support that their methods that others dismiss are truly producing positive results. This requires Huff Paranormal to provide detailed information about their methods, including but not limited to their ability to control variables, data, and any and all notes that have supported their results and findings to be positive.


Methodologies in Question:

Huff Paranormal uses a device called a spirit box that has, to date, never been proven effective or produced verifiable results that support the existence of intelligent spiritual communication.


Further Arguments Against Huff Paranormal

On the Huff Paranormal Facebook Page, there is a section at the bottom that talks about Skeptics and how they are closed minded. A skeptic is, by definition, an open minded person who challenges and is willing to believe something solely on the premise that there is sufficient information to support the claim. Let's take a look, however, at what is being said on both the website and Facebook page by Huff Paranormal.

As you read towards the bottom, Huff Paranormal claims that skeptics have no place on the page, because he already knows 100% that spirits exist. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to date that has conclusively proven spirits exist, there has been no data to support that spirits are intelligent and communicate with the living (assuming they are even dead), Huff Paranormal knows for a fact that they are real. By definition, it is Huff Paranormal that is closed minded, not the skeptical people who offer alternative explanations.

They also continue on to say that skeptics have never been able to explain their EVP's. While I am a skeptical person, and I am a paranormal investigator, I was able to explain one of their EVP's in seconds. Since Huff claims that no skeptics have been able to offer an explanation and have ignored requests to do so. Worst Paranormal will offer an explanation, and we will post it publicly.

Lets take this quick EVP that was taken off their Best of 2012 series they posted on Youtube here:

In the EVP, which HUff Paranormal has already primed the viewer to hear by posting what they believe to be said, which is not proper protocol if you are wanting to establish the data as evidence. For the sake of time and argument, we will assume that Huff Paranormal isn't interested in actually proving that spirits exist, since they have already been closed minded and already believe without a shadow of a doubt that they do, with no regard for the actual lack of sufficient data to support such a belief.

The first logical explanation for any voice being heard that is not those holding the camera, is that it is another person. This is a simple and logical assumption that would need to be disproven in order to further validate the claim that it was something potentially paranormal.

A few seconds later, we see a group of people in the same building. Several appearing female. Based on the circumstances of the video, there appears to be several individuals scattered throughout the entire area of the building, so any potential argument that the EVP was not human in nature would need to be substantially discounted through significant evidence to support otherwise. The likelihood that this EVP (and the one that follows in the same building) are human are the most likely cause until further evidence should discount such a claim.

This piece of evidence is just one in a series of others in a video just under 20 minutes that can be explained through logical and rational means.


Furthermore, Huff Paranormal has many photos depicting the father and son in abandoned buildings, some of which they are claiming have black mold in them, and structural damage. With the recent rash of trespassing being brought forth in the paranormal community, we advise any individuals and general public to disallow any team from entering a premise that could be potentially dangerous or harmful. If you know of any team or individual that is breaking and entering a location without permission, please contact their local police department.